Mid-Semester Slump

With midterms just around the corner, the stress of the semester is starting to pile up. It’s so easy to fall behind or get unorganized now that the excitement of a new semester has worn off. Keep on reading for some tips on getting out of your mid-semester slump and staying organized for the rest of the school year.

  • Make lists. I have a monthly list of big assignments and important dates like exams, interviews, and deadlines. I also mark these events on my calendar. My weekly list breaks down what times I have class and work, and if I have any study groups or group project meetings. Finally, I have my running list. This is my generic “to-do” list. I prioritize my homework with it based on deadlines and how much time it will take to complete an assignment, and I add things such as chores to make sure my room and study space is clean so I can focus on my work.
  • Dedicate an hour per class per week to go over notes from the last few classes. During this time, I go over my notes with a different color pen to make sure I put an emphasis on key terms and concepts, formulas, important graphs, and anything else I know will be on exams. This will help me know what to focus on later on when studying for midterms and finals.
  • Make your bed. Some days I’d rather sit on top of my bed to do my homework than at my desk. If I didn’t make my bed, I find it much harder to get comfortable and focus on my work. Take the extra five minutes in the morning to toss your blankets in the right direction and straighten out your pillows.By having clean and organized surroundings, it’s so much easier to focus on the task at hand and to feel calmer when working.
  • Get into a routine. Sure, classes and work are already scheduled, but homework and study time aren’t necessarily at the same time every day. By scheduling time to get homework done, you are forcing yourself to work at your highest productivity during those hours. And when you’re not scheduled to be doing homework, you have time to relax and catch up on that Netflix show you’ve been binge-watching all month.
  • Keep in touch with family. By talking regularly to parents, siblings and other relatives, you usually end up talking about how school is going. Knowing that other people are invested in how I am doing holds me accountable for my performance in class. Not only does this help me remain close with people I care about, but it makes me┬ámore motivated to do well because of them.

What are some ways you stay motivated and organized throughout the semester? Share in the comments below.



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